BRICKS by Spencer Dorsey Out Now !

A collection of short stories, lyrics and poetry from Spencer Dorsey. The author’s first installment written mostly around 2008 while he was actively writing and playing in the Hardcore Punk band Jumpercable. Spencer paints very honest and simple landscapes, pulling from his youth growing up in a beach town, discovering punk rock, and the next steps of becoming an adult.

100 Pages First Edition Paperback

Limited Pressing

Available on LuLu Store, Bigcartel store and select record stores in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area.



Trying to stay patient..


Tapes and material came in today for the Jumpercable EP II and EP III releases

Alot of cool ideas in the works so I just have to hold my horses.


Jumpercable Ep II and Ep III to be relased

So it has been quite a while, hope all is well. We are dusting off the site and the Younglungs office to finally release the Jumpercable Ep II and Ep III. 

We returned to Clay Creek Studios ( Boy Sets Fire, None More Black, Knives Out)  to record a follow up Ep to our demo in the fall of 2008. We worked with Nick Rotunda, to get a closer take of what the band sounded like at practice. With very little production, and minimal takes we  left with an Ep that was more true to their sound then our first demo.

This recording was intended to be released on a split with our friends Hoodratz.  Our label at the time would then struggle through financial issues, and both bands recordings sat on the shelves for months, turned to years. 

Hoodratz would continue to play more, tour, and really gain momentum. Jumpercable continued to focus on writing and practicing. By the time that it finally became evident that the label could not release the split, we had realized we were looking forward to an indefinate hiatius. Hoodratz were still touring, and continued on working hard, and playing often. 

Our bands follow up material for the split stayed on the shelves, two songs would be released on our myspace “Is Up All Night” and “Are Down in Flames.” Our second EP remained unlreased, with the exception of a limited run of 25 CD’s for our show with Lewd Acts in Philly in 2009. 

Only a few months later, Jumpercable returned to our rehersal space in Absecon New Jersey. The later material we were working on after our unreleased split with Hoodratz was never recorded. We focused on returning to our practice space for two reasons. To document the songs that were never recorded, and to truly capture the real sound of Jumpercable live. 

The band recorded a follow up to our unreleased split in December 2008 / Juanuary 2009 at our practice space. Art Howard our drummer, took the controls of a digital 16 track and we recorded another set of new songs. We recorded a set of 5 new songs and a cover of “You Made Me Realize” by My Bloody Valentine. We were happiest with this set of recordings, and all were agreement that this was our best material. We finally found that minimalist, driving raw recording that was truly the base of the bands sound. These recordings would remain buried on the hard drive of the 16 track, also never released. 

At this time, the band has 2 releases that are both unreleased. Jumpercable’s rushed EP 1 demo (on Monkey Wrench Records ) is neaby extinction and nearly out of print. Jumpercable has truly faded away into the memories of the few friends and family members that got the chance to know the band. 

Until now. Younglungs Ltd and 90’s Kids are happy to announce the release of both recordings. There will be an extremely limited run on unique formats up for pre-order December 2011. A digital download copy will be included in the release and also via this website.

Younglungs Ltd. Goes Mobile, and heads to the westcoast…

Hey all …

Hope all is better than great. Our Deathbeds boys are hard at work and wrapping up their follow up to the “No Funeral” EP. The newer songs will surely not dissapoint, and the band is expanding on their same great sound, but pulling from even more influences while refining what makes them great. I am so excited to see what’s in store for these guys, and very proud to be able to have the Younglungs name on the “no funeral” release.

Stay tuned, as you will see the label really start to pick up momentum and continue to support the “no funeral” release. No funeral has brought me to the love of my life, broadened some of the closest friendships I’ve made to date and just made me super proud every time I listen to it. I hope you find a copy of it if you haven’t yet.

Check back, our merch store will be expanding, and updates will be much more frequent !

Take care

“No Funeral” Now Available at Aquarius Records & upcoming show w. Today Is The Day

For the mailorder or west coast inclined: The almighty Aquarius Records is now carrying our ‘No Funeral’ 7inch. They also had some pretty nice things to say about it:

“Churning and chugging and pounding, we’ve actually gotten a little obsessed with these three jams, listening to this 7″ over and over, and it definitely has us dying for a full length.”

Thanks guys. You can grab it at the link above, or by stopping in if you happen to live in the San Francisco area. If not, you can still buy it at the Young Lungs Store.

And another excellent and well-written review from Play It Loud Zine:

I found their live performance slightly more impressive, but this captures everything pretty nicely, especially for a cassette.

Also, we’re playing with the legendary TODAY IS THE DAY next month at the North Star Bar, and our good friend Mike designed an awesome poster for the tour (see below).

Show info is as follows:
Thursday September 2nd @ The North Star Bar
8PM, 21+, $12
Bubonic Bear

Buy Tickets Here

*stolen from deathbeds blog because I am a slacker*






DOORS AT 8pm NP VIDEO GAMING (533 Tilton Rd – Northfield, NJ 08225) $10

THIS SUNDAY 8.1.10 THREE OF THE MOST HANDSOME BANDS IN NEW JERSEY ARE PLAYING AT NERD PALACE [(] WHICH IS THE AREAS TOP SPOT FOR VIDEO GAMING, COMPETITIVE VIDEO GAMING TOURNAMENTS (including monday night fight night every monday, halo 1 nights, and a halo 3 tournament coming up as well as a street fighter 4 tournament coming up soon ).














Dudes that like female fronted folky stuff, dancy keyboard oriented songs, and ride/spiritualized gaze stuff but play 80’s hardcore anyway 











Younglungs LTD pioneer bangers.Heavy and Fun like a Tonka Truck. 











“No Funeral” Review on Doommantia

Deathbeds from Philadelphia have one of the most entertaining bio write-ups on their Myspace site, so extreme it can’t possibly be true but i kind of hope it is because that might explain why this band is so off the rails. They have released this 7″ on the Young Lungs label but its also available as a free download, make sure and check their site for details. “No Funeral’ was recorded in the summer of 2009 at Red Planet Studios and was co-engineered by Joe Smiley and Chris Grigg. The EP contains three tracks, all of which are guaranteed to rip your head off with a sound thicker than your fat aunt’s hips. The band play heavy duty sludge/doom rock with a sound that blends the sound of everyone from Iron Monkey, Cathedral, Sourvein to early Entombed. One thing that is clear from the opening track “No Funeral” is the band is beyond heavy but has a incredibly catchy groove. “No Funeral” is a mid-tempo burner that stomps its way through 3 short minutes and is catchy just as much as it is a neck-snapping bone-crunching exercise in dirty sludge metal. The guitar’s and bass sound’s are thick but clear, drums pound in a energetic but tight style. The vocals are pure beef with a bellowing almost death metal sound and it compliments the riffing perfectly. Deathbeds don’t mess around, they keep songs short and to the point, they make their statement and leave you searching for that repeat button. “Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death” kicks off with a traditional doom riff, slowly grinding with slothful fuzziness. The vocals range from sick, tormented screams to bellowing and groaning. There is a fine balance between out and out brutality and a traditional riffing style making a blend that is undeniably infectious but still will slay you every-time. Stuck in the middle of these two tracks is “Tyranny Of Will” and its another winner,a crunching riff and more filth ridden vocals from Mike Murro. The guitar duo of Stephen Edelson and Eric Sac are top-notch brutal exponents of the monster riff, they are totally locked into the groove at all times and play with some real passion. The rythym section of Chris Cherasaro (bass) and (i am assuming its his brother) Dave Cherasaro (drums) are totally solid. No Funeral in some ways harks back to the days of sludgy doom and metal in the late 80’s and early 90’s. There was a certain quality to the sound of the bands back then and Deathbeds also have that sound. The EP is over and done with in around 12 minutes so needless to say this band needs a full-length album out ASAP. If this is anything to go by, it will crush posers everywhere. 9/10